New Year, new you? The Tiny Tweaks method

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ – Lao Tzu

When I first started this blog, my focus was on the tiny tweaks we can all make to gradually improve our health, happiness and general wellbeing. It still is my focus but I’ve veered off the path a few times! I’ve posted motivational quotes that make me smile or encourage me and I’ve talked about some of my passions, such as the environment and mental health. I’ve even shared some of my medical journey with you.

Does it matter? To you, my lovely readers, are you disappointed if there isn’t a tiny tweak one week? Is that what you read my blog for? Should I get back to the tiny tweaks or should I stay where I am with a mixture of tweaks, information, quotes and opinion? Whilst new people start following me most weeks, I still don’t get all that many comments. I really would love to hear from you!

Happy New Year (Photo by Jill Wellington on

Today is New Years Eve, the time of year when many of us make resolutions to improve our lives for the better. We might vow to give up drinking or smoking, to lose or gain weight, maybe we say that this is the year we will take up a new hobby, change job or retire. Maybe we plan to move house or start a family, but whatever it is, there is a common denominator – they are all big things that take time and effort. There might be the odd person that literally gives up smoking overnight and never looks back but, for most of us, all these changes take a reasonable amount of effort. The chances of any of these things succeeding unless we put steps into place to make them happen is relatively low and that’s where tiny tweaks comes in!

Whatever our goal, the small changes we make help us to move forward. We may not see much immediate progress but we know we are doing something positive and slowly, gradually all the tiny tweaks add up. Over the time I have been blogging, we have looked at physical tweaks such as moving more, improving our balance, sleeping better, eating healthier, stretching and looking after our bodies. For our emotional health and to help increase our happiness we’ve talked about positive affirmations, gratitude journaling, putting ourselves first, mindfulness and the power of laughter.

Moving forward, step by step (Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on

For me, gradually moving forward is the way to go. It enables me to feel that I have achieved something, however small, and they all add up. Currently I am working on an exercise programme set by my Osteopath to help strengthen my hips and hopefully reduce the risk of falling. In theory I am doing hundreds of side leg lifts and pelvic tilts every day. In reality, it’s tough and I’m struggling. But if I can increase the number I do by one every day then before long, I’ll achieve the goal (although he has already told me that once I achieve the current target, he’ll be doubling it so there is a long way to go!). That is tiny tweaks in motion, one small step at a time.

Being in the moment is another one I’m working on and I think I’m doing OK. I’m an overthinker by nature but by staying in the moment, it stops me from thinking about the past or worrying about the future. I don’t do it all the time but I’m practicing mindfulness and deep breathing, both of which help me to move towards my goal of staying in the moment. Again, tiny tweaks in action!

So, do you have a goal for the year? If you do, can you break it down into simple steps, tiny tweaks to help get you there? If, like me, you prefer not to set a major goal, can you use the tiny tweaks method to move towards a healthier and happier you? I believe you can, do you?

Until next time xx


  1. Happy New Year! I love the idea of gradual change, I haven’t really seen many people write about tiny tweaks in detail so it would be cool to read a few posts from you about them in the new year, for different scenarios would be great! ☺️

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